Effective Immediately, uQAR New Low Price, November 2023

Effective Immediately, uQAR New Low Price, November 2023

Effective Immediately, uQAR New Low Price

All fleet users and operators take advantage of this new low pricing for our line of Universal Quick Access Recorder.


  1. FDT started shipping the uQAR2+

The uQAR2 is equipped with both secured Wi-Fi for easy-to-use download-on-demand and LTE model data transfer automation.

This new uQAR version integrates an improved electronic circuit allowing a very fast data transmission.

This latest uQAR2 allows a transmission speed up to 1.9 Mb/second – considering full LTE connectivity


As an example, we can consider a flight of 8 hours from an aircraft equipped with avionic system of 1,024 words per second, the related recorded file represents around 42.2 MB. This data file is transmitted by the uQAR2 latest model in only 68 seconds (including modem initialisation).


2.       FDT offers introductory pricing with availability of its latest uQAR2 model,

(With this new pricing, quantity discount does not apply. Howerer, FDT will work with our customer on a case-by-case basis).

This new pricing is valid from November 20, 2023.  Pricing may change without notice unless presented in a price quote from FDT during specific dates of validity.


  • The uQAR comes with 2 years warranty. An extended warranty can be purchased by customers.
  • During the time of warranty and extended warranty the uQAR device may be upgraded to the newest firmware revision at no extra cost.

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