ATA 31 - Indicating / Recording System

ATA 31 - Indicating / Recording System

The indicating and recording system chapter comprises a description of the aural warning, the Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) and the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR). The audio warnings are normally associated with CAS messages. They notify the crew of an abnormal or emergency situation.  

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  • Operational Flight...

    Flight Data Analysis is founded on Operational Flight Data Monitoring (OFDM) which in North America has become known as Flight Operations Quality Assurance. Flight operational quality assurance (FOQA) also known as flight data monitoring (FDM) or flight data analysis (FDA), is a method of capturing, analyzing and/or visualizing the data generated by an aircraft  moving through the air from one point to another. Applying the information learned from this analysis helps to find new ways to improve flight safety and increase overall operational efficiency. Several airlines and various national air forces have initiated FOQA programs to collect, store and analyze recorded flight data. The goal is to improve overall aviation safety, increase maintenance effectiveness and reduce operational costs.

    • FOQA = flight operational quality assurance,
    • FDM = flight data monitoring,
    • FDA = flight data analysis,
    • MOQA = maintenance operational quality assurance,
    • MFOQA = military flight operational quality assurance,
    • SOQA = simulator operational quality assurance,
    • CFOQA = corporate flight operational quality assurance,
    • HFDM = helicopter flight data monitoring,
    • HOMP = helicopter operational monitoring program.
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