ATA 24 - Electrical Power

ATA 24 - Electrical Power

List of Tools and equipment needed for maintenance tasks of electrical Power.

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  • Fast Wiring...

    Test Equipment for troubleshooting and inspecting all types of cables. Thanks to the immediate localization of faults, the tools offered ensure essential time savings for operators. They help reduce downtime and improve productivity. Coupled with powerful analysis algorithms, the data from the equipment bring new benefits: Knowledge at regular intervals of the state of health of a fleet or installations, The ability to identify anomalies upstream and anticipate failures.

  • Insulation &...

    Used for general purpose measurements of resistance, current and voltage.

  • Avionics Tooling -...

    Application tooling for high reliability wiring systems and for the aircraft, aerospace and electronics industries.  Specific tools or complete tooling kits per aircraft also available.

  • Ground Power Unit

    Aircraft Ground Power Unit (AGPU) is a type of aircraft ground support equipment that supplies electrical power to the aircraft from ground when its jet engines are turned off. AGPU is generally used when the aircraft is parked at an aircraft stand. The electrical power requirement of an aircraft is not the same as domestic power supply. It does not require the standard 110/220 Volt and 50/60 Hz power supply used worldwide. Airliners require power at 115 volt and 400 Hz electrical frequency while smaller aircrafts like business and private jets generally require 28 Volt DC power supply.  GPU (ground power unit) delivers specified power through the use of a standard electrical system, battery pack and gasoline, diesel or small turbine engine.

  • Pit Systems

    Pit Systems




    Cable Extenders are used for Storing and moving cables from GPU to aircraft.