ATA 71 - Power Plant

ATA 71 - Power Plant

Tools and equipment used to remove / install / transport / store or for the maintenance of Power Plant

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  • Aircraft Engine Stands

    Stands available for  CFM56-3, CFM56-5B, CFM56-7B, CF6-80C2, CF6-50, RB211, V2500, PW4000, TRENT 500, TRENT700. TRENT800.

  • Bootstrap

    Used for removal or installation of the aircraft engine from the wing-mounted strut of the airplane. The bootstrap system is used to raise or lower the engine from the wing-mounted strut to the cradle and dolly engine handling system.

  • Dynamometers and force...

    Dillon dynamometers enable service centers to gain an accurate measurement of the engine load as it is demounted and repositioned on the wing mountings. Thanks to its precision engineering and robust safety record, many airlines rely on the Dillon dynamometer to weigh their multi-million dollar engines.

  • Engine Tools & GSE

    A complete solution of Nose Cowl Dolly, Fan Cowl Dolly, Engine Positioner, etc.

  • Engine Compressor...

    The compressor washing cart is used in the maintenance routine of the aircraft and helps prolonging and increasing the efficiency of the engines.

    ** Various Probe Kit Available 

  • Fishpole Hoist

    Fishpole hoists are used to lift and suspend several aircraft components such as APU, Batteries, Condensers or reheaters, engine handling equipment, shackle and sling assembly, Power drive unit, and hydraulic actuators.

  • Hoist Equipment

    The hoist equipment can be use in conjunction with other tools and accessories to install and remove different components of the aircraft.

  • Pedestal and Lifting Beam

    Pedestal and lifting beam to support a selection of our engine capabilities.