ATA 07 - Lifting & Shoring

ATA 07 - Lifting & Shoring

Equipment to lift and shore aircraft in any of the conditions to which it may be subjected. Includes lifting and shoring procedures that may be employed during aircraft maintenance and repair.

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  • Tripod Jacks

    Tripod aircraft jacks are primarily used for lifting entire aircraft straight up.  Available for the following aircrafts

    ATR42/72, Dash 8 - Q400, Dassault 900/900EX/2000/2000EX, Bombardier Global 5000/XRS/5500/6000/6500/7000/7500/8000, Bombardier CRJ100/200/700/900/1000, Challenger 100/300/600/601/604/605/850/870, Embraer E170/190/195/E2, Airbus A318/319/320/321 (Classic + NEO), Boeing B737 Classic /NG/MAX/BBJ, Boeing B747-400/ER/ERF/8i/8F, Boeing B757-200/-300, B767-200/-300/-400ER, B777-200/-200ER,-300/-200LR/-300ER, B787-8/-9/-10.

    Also available as Universal jacks for Narrow Body (A320 Family/Boeing 737 all series) / E170-195 incl. E2) 

    Also available as Universal jacks for Wide Body (A300/330/340/350 / Boeing B747/757/767/777/787)

  • Axle Jacks

    Used to lift the aircraft wheels for maintenance or repair of the wheels, tires, brakes, or struts.  Universal Axle jacks for narrow body, wide body, regional aircrafts and business jets.

    Available in 6, 8, 12, 20, 45, 60, 90 and 105 Tons.

    Version type: Air Operated, handpump operation and air operated with additional handpump.

    Options available: Pressure Hose Set, Transport Boxes, recovery beam, test fixture for proof loading / recertification.

  • Heavy Duty Commercial...

    Hydraulic heavy duty crane for industrial application.