ATA 12 - Servicing Equipment

ATA 12 - Servicing Equipment

Equipment used for the replenishment of fluids, scheduled and unscheduled servicing applicable to the whole airplane.

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  • Aircraft Tire, Strut...

    Inflating tool; Tool used to inflate aircraft tires, struts.  

    Tire gauges; Ensure a safe flight by checking aircraft tire pressure with an accurate, certified Tool.

  • Fluid Dispenser

    used to service various commercial aircraft hydraulic systems. Available for different fluids such as Skydrol, engine oil, and hydraulic fluid Type such as:  Turbo 2197, Eastman 2380, Exxon 2380, CSD/IDG/APU, Engine oil, 5606, Royco 777, Castrol Aero 35, Castrol Aero 45, Mobil 254, Mobil Jet II, Hyjet IV, HyJet V, Hydraulic, Skydrol, Skydrol (LD-4; PE-5), Skydrol 500B-4.

  • Servicing Carts

    Servicing carts and equipment are types of portable ground support equipment (GSE) that make maintaining and servicing aircraft quick and simple. Available for Nitrogen and Oxygen.

  • Servicing couplings

    Those couplings are used for potable water, lavatory, air start, APU, engine oil and preconditioned air components.

  • Overspill Collection Unit

    The overspill collection kit is a leakproof, non-spill assembly which contributes to safety, cleanliness and reduction of fire risk and environmental pollution. 

  • Handheld Replenishing...

    The handheld replenishing pumps are available in a series of configurations. The pumps can be used with the following fluid types:

    • Engine oil
    • Engine oil/mineral hydraulic oil (sold without a fluid identification plate)
    • Mineral hydraulic oil
    • Phosphate ester
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Showing 1 - 6 of 7 items