ATA 34 - Navigation

ATA 34 - Navigation

Those equipment and tools provide test, maintenance on aircraft navigational information. Includes VOR, pitot, static, ILS, flight director, compasses, indicators, etc.

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  • Air Data Accessories

    Air Data Accessories kits are aircraft ground support equipment kits with complete pitot static test adaptor sets for a specific aircraft, helicopter or spacecraft. These kits are commonly used to test airspeed indicators and altimeters (pressure gauges).

  • Pitot Static Test...

    Pitot-Static Tester is also called Air Data Test System (ADTS) or Air Data Test Set. The role of the pitot-static system is to monitor critical flight instruments such as altimeters, airspeed & vertical speed indicators, and Mach meters.

  • IFR Transponder - TCAS...

    Designed for testing transponder modes A/C/S, 1090 MHz ADS-B and 978 MHz UAT, TCAS I and II, and DME.  The IFR6000 is the only ramp test set capable of verifying all aspects of next generation transponder testing, including ADS-B testing, FIS-B and TIS-B testing