OEM Representation & Distribution

OEM Representation & Distribution

DCA is representing and distributing the following manufacturers.  More great news to announce in the beginning of 2023.

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  • Frank Brown

    Formerly Frank Brown & Son, founded by Clive and Frank Brown in 1966.  They have been providing quality aircraft and engine tooling for the commercial aviation.  In 1984, they have become the first Safran Aircraft Engine Licensed manufacturer.  They are also design and manufacture engine stands, fishpole hoist, slings, beams and Bootstraps, Pedestals and towbars.

  • Millenium Engine...

    Millenium Engine Plating Inc. is a business specializing in aerospace and high technology applications of electroplated and related coatings.  It has over 20 years of experience in aerospace and high technology applications of electroplated and related coatings.  Our goal is to deliver high quality and cost-efficient products to our customers.

    Value Added
    • 24/7 AOG Services
    • FAA and EASA Certified
    • Cost effective Solutions
    • Expedites and extended hours
    • Partnerships
    • Long-term agreements

    F.A.A. Certification: M73R71Y  *  EASA Certification: EASA.145.6114  *  ISO 9001:2015 *  
    Drug And Alcohol Program  * Registration Letter  *  AS9100:2016 Rev. D  *  AS9110 Rev. C

  • Flight Data Technologies

    Flight Data Technologies Inc. is a Canadian software developer and manufacturer of aviation safety equipment.  Products such as Data Transmission & SATCOM, FDA/ FDM/ FOQA.

    FDT offer a unique scalability between CFDR, QAR and our XpressA™ Flight Data Analysis & Monitoring solution – FDA-FDM-FOQA.  All FDT products hardware & software are universal – can be installed on: 

    • Any fix wing and rotary wings.
    • Compatible with Western and Eastern avionics.
    • Hardware & software are developed by experts in avionics and accident investigation.

  • Synetik Ergo Design

    Synetik design and manufacture specialized ergonomic aerospace chairs for the aerospace industry, designed to maximize worker productivity while providing optimal comfort for situations specific to the field. 

  • Dillon Quality Plus

    Over 80 Years of Quality Force Measurement Devices and Torque Measurement Tools

    The Dillon product line represents over 84 years of design and manufacture of force measurement equipment.

    The strength and versatility of our load testing and force gauge instrumentation has repeatedly been demonstrated on construction sites, in testing laboratories, manufacturing facilities, mining and oil drilling sites, warehouses, batching operations, and cable installations.

    See the section lifting-slings-and-bootstraps for the list of Dynamometers.

  • AC Hydraulic

    AC Hydraulic is a designer and manufacturer of aviation ground support equipment such as axle jacks and wheel dolly.  The company is also a world leader in the supply of maintenance equipment for the industrial and automative industry.


    GMI Aero (www.gmi-aero.com) is a leading SME in the composite repair solutions sector since 30 years, having developed equipment and methodologies for composite manufacturing, aircraft maintenance and repair, together with engineering solutions, training, and field support services. GMI continuously upgrades a series of portable composite repair equipment for innovative solutions for the NDT, surface preparation and curing of bonded composite repairs, fulfilling the specifications of repair performance within hangars, repair workshops or even “on-wing”. This equipment is proposed in the Structural Repair Manuals (SRMs) of major aircraft manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Embraer, Bombardier, Dassault, etc.). GMI participates into several European R&D projects in the area of bonded composite repairs.


    Makro Aero is an engineering and manufacturing company with a concentration in aviation. The company designs, manufactures, and delivers Aircraft Access Stands and Docking Systems, MLG and NLG Removal and Installation Tools, Carts, and Trolleys suitable for apron and hangar use for Narrowbody, Widebody aircraft, Regional and Business Jets, and Helicopters.

    Makro Aero retains in-house design capability and offers standard and customized equipment depending on customer needs. Design parameters are premised on delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions to meet the daily operational challenges of the aviation industry.

  • Snap-On

    Provider of Aviation Tools · Hand & Specialty Tools · Tool Control & Storage · Tools@Height · Power Tools · Fleet Maintenance · Torque & Tensioning. Browse Products.

  • Win MS

    WiN MS solutions reduce risks and costs due to wiring and connection malfunctions using an innovative and patented technology:

    MCTDR (Multi Carrier Time Domain Reflectometry).

    We design and commercialize immediate diagnostic tools for aircraft maintenance and monitoring solutions for complex wired infrastructure. 

  • VIVA AER Serviçios...

    VIVA AER Serviçios Aeronauticos (VIVA AER) was founded in 1989 by Antonio Irineu Viva, today located in Guarulhos with easy access to the main airports in Guarulhos, Congonhas and the center of São José dos Campos, has extensive knowledge and know-how to provide service and parts manufacturing and aeronautical components.


    Main products are Axle Jacks, Tripod Jacks, Axle jack transportation Cart, Axle jack fly away boxes, axle jack hoses, Hydraulic Power Unit and Air Conditioning Unit.

  • Ramper Innovations

    Ramper Innovations, a company specializing in solutions for belly-loading aircraft. Ramper Innovations is introducing TISABAS which stands for TIm SAves BAckS, an affordable, compact, motorized folding conveyor. TISABAS is designed to work with all existing belt loaders and to seamlessly integrate into any ground operation.  TISABAS is proven to reduce agent injury, agent turnover, damage to bags and cargo, and damage to aircraft. TISABAS allows ground handling teams to move more in less time.

  • ElectroAir

    ElectroAir is a manufacturer, developer and designer of ground power units. Our new generation ground power units are unique to other ground power units on the market. They are static converters that combine extensive technological expertise and innovation for civil and military customers along with the consumer focused mindset of two of the best (and most important) aeronautic heritages in the world: Safety and Reliability.